Design Features

One of the key aspects of effective curing is obtaining a good distribution of light (intensity) on the area to be cured. The UV-Led ProCure has been optimized for this by using a combination of LightTools simulation software, laboratory tests and experience gained in paint shops. This has a.o. led to the placing of Leds in the corners and the incorporation of a specially designed reflector system that assures an even light output over a large area.

The working conditions in car body repair shops can be quite challenging. The ProCure-UV needs to be flexible and moved to another place quick and easy while there are many solid objects around (car, walls, equipment and tools). The effects of jolts and collisions have been taken into consideration. The ProCure-UV has a flat aluminium back plate with soft touch bumpers to move it around and to absorb collisions and prevent contact between its aluminium edges and the car itself.